With a great Deal of Love this Christmas, Message from the District Executive secretary – Rtr. Vivien Katusabe

As I address you this season, my mind and heart are filled with a great deal of love, happiness, and enthusiasm. I recall the numerous sacrifices we have all made to keep our beautiful district running. Whether we are administrators, Rotaractors, or district leaders, we have all made significant contributions via our time, commitment, and effort.

Christmas is a reminder of the goodness that enters the world, despite the darkness and uncertainty that threaten it. We have witnessed throughout the year 2022 the so many Rotaractors who have   sacrificed a great deal so that our work as a district may continue. Our district leaders went above and beyond their duties to accomplish impressive things. Our club leaders have done an exceptional job of shepherding their members, always being quick to express care and appreciation. Our partners have also been available to assist us with any small or large requests. In light of the fact that it is very difficult to lose hope in the presence of excellent people, I would like to thank everyone for a job well done.

This Christmas, I want for everyone to reignite and magnify their inner kindness. Remind them, out of gratitude, that they have also been positive influences in your lives. Find solace in the knowledge that you have, in your own small way, given a great deal of good to a world devoid of it.

This holiday season, as we celebrate community and oneness in the pursuit of doing good, may we all find delight in one another’s company and inspire one another to do good at all costs. I wish everyone a Christmas filled with goodness, joy, and love. God be with us.

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