As a DRR, I often get Rotarians asking me if they should give money to Rotaractors who approach them with project funding requests. In this Ubuntu issue, I will address the big question of whether to give or not to give.

Every Rotarian needs to understand that Rotaractors are partners in service. To be a partner, there must be a certain level of understanding between the two parties. During my official visits to Rotaractors, I have laid key emphasis on the different approaches we can use to foster meaningful relationships/partnerships with Rotarians. I have further encouraged Rotaractors to draft and sign MOUs for each partnership reached and to develop a culture of accountability for any financial or in-kind assistance rendered by Rotarians or external donors. Therefore, for a partnership to be valid, each party must bring something to the table.

For every partnership request, there should be clear understanding of what roles are to be played by the parties and what benefits are to be attained. After roles/contributions have been clearly stated with deadlines and any other mandates, then drafting MOUs and signing them can proceed.

It goes without say that Rotarians and Rotaractors are generous people. Whereas giving is a way of life for us, I recommend that we give with caution and with a purpose. We should give when fully aware to whom and to what we are giving towards. Only then will our giving be meaningful. For each time we give, let us be fully aware the project or cause that we are giving towards and let’s ask for accountability for funds

Let us take a moment to think, how many times have you been issued a receipt when you make a contribution towards a project? Or how many times have you taken off time to review an MOU that is presented to you before signing it off? Do you take off time to ask what percentage of the budget is the other party covering or what contribution they will be making towards that particular project?

Yes, we should give, but let us give with caution. We should give with full understanding of what we are giving towards, ask for accountability and follow up to make sure your funds are channelled towards the intended cause. As we give, let us give generously because when done right, our giving creates hope in the world.

Prudence Asobola
District Rotaract Representative
Rotary International District 9214
(Uganda and Tanzania)

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