RAC Kigo’s Dual Impact:Clean Water and Medical Care for Kakoola Community

In a dynamic display of commitment and service, the Rotaract Club of Kigo embarked on two transformative projects that illuminated the power of unity and compassion within the community of Kakoola-Makindye Sabagabo. These initiatives, carried out on the 12th and 19th of August 2023, resounded with the essence of Rotaract’s core values.

The first endeavor, the “Bulungi Bwansi” project, resonated with Rotary’s focus on water and sanitation. With unwavering dedication, the
Rotaractors collaborated with partners such as Meridian Mediation Services, community leaders, and the Kakoola residents themselves.
The community’s main water source underwent a remarkable transformation, as it was cleansed and revitalized to provide clean water, elevating
the community’s overall well-being. A symphony of hands united once again on the 19th of August, when the Rotaract Club of Kigo orchestrated the “Meridian Medical Camp.”

This medical initiative aligned seamlessly with Rotary’s yearlong theme of ending polio and focused on maternal health. Collaborating with Meridian Medical Services and Kampala School of Health Sciences, the camp extended a healing touch to over 400 patients. The scope of care was comprehensive, ranging from dental services, immunizations, and health education to counseling, general check-ups, and laboratory tests. A noteworthy feat emerged from the camp—a collection of 45 units of life-saving blood, a testament to the depth of impact the initiative had on both donors and recipients.

The Rotaract Club of Kigo, composed of dedicated individuals with a shared vision, ensured that every facet of these projects bore the imprint of hope, care, and positive change. With a landscape that mirrored their own, the Kakoola community was touched by this vibrant spirit, experiencing the embrace of support from its neighbors. Both projects illuminated the essence of Rotaract— bringing together diverse talents, expertise, and compassion for the betterment of humanity. The projects were an embodiment of “Service Above Self,” a living testament to the ethos of Rotary and Rotaract.

As the Rotaract Club of Kigo fostered an environment of hope, it also breathed life into the core ideals of Rotary’s humanitarian pursuits. Through these initiatives, they have set a remarkable example, proving that through collective action, even the seemingly insurmountable challenges can be overcome, radiating optimism and creating a ripple effect of change.

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