The TRF Fundraiser (RAC Rubaga)

The TRF dinnerFundraiser is an annual event organized by the Rotaract club of Rubaga aimed at collecting and motivating our members and other Rotaractors to contribute towards the same cause. Since its inception in 2015, the annual TRF Dinner has propelled the club to contribute more than 2000$ USD into Rotary’s funds basket; the Rotary Foundation.This year we had a target of raising 1000$USD.

The proceeds from this fundraiser will therefore enable us to successfully support the Rotary Foundation.The club brings together a diverse and dynamic group of young people who are passionate about service to humanity while developing their leadership and professional skills through fellowship.


  1. To raise finances aimed at supporting the Rotary Foundation.
  2. To raise PHF’s and sustaining members of the rotary foundation.
  3. To provide an opportunity for members to network with Rotarians and Rotaractor from other clubs.
  4. To provide an opportunity for members to bond amongst themselves in activities outside formal fellowships.


For one to participate or attend this event had to pay a fee of Ugx Fifty Thousand Shillings (50,000/=), this was our main source of income. There was also donors or well-wishers who also contributed towards the success of the event these included our past presidents, mother club and different number of Rotarians from different Clubs.

The fundraiser committee led by PE Sharon Mukoda – the chair and the vice d by Mulindwa James plus the rest of the team worked hand in hand with the President and club members, in addition to that members sold cards to guests, Rotaractors and Rotarians, individual contribution by the club members and guests engaged in looking for people to participate in the TRF dinner as a source of funds towards the fundraiser. The detailed breakdown of the income and expenditure is here attached.

Check out the report for more about the fundraiser :