Rotaract Clubs of Bwebajja and Lubowa Adopt Bufumira Island

Rtr. Joseph B. Ssengooba

The Rotaract Club of Bwebajja identified Bufumira Island in the Kalangala district of central Uganda in 2021. The island is one of the busiest in Lake Victoria, with fishing and small-scale farming as its primary sources of revenue. The island’s population is approximately 10,000, including both visitors and permanent residents.

The Adopt Bufumira Island Project is a comprehensive community service initiative that intends to redirect the socio-economic turbines of the Bufumira Island Project by enhancing the public health system and boosting early school enrollment.

The Rotaract Clubs of Bwebajja and Lubowa, in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Bwebajja Seguku, Nalumunye, and Garuga, gathered funds for the “Adopt Bufumira Island Project” to improve the socioeconomic structure of the inhabitants of the Bufumira Kalangala Islands. This project is a collaborative community initiative whose objective is to radically improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of Bufumira Island by providing services that fit under the seven (7) Rotary focus areas.

The effort was motivated by the island’s complete neglect. The lack of adequate amenities in the aforementioned sectors has subjected the inhabitants to a deplorable standard of living that is characterized by abject poverty, illiteracy, poor water, and poor sanitation, which has spawned a resounding need to provide plausible solutions to these pertinent issues in order to avert any impending catastrophes on Bufumira Island.

This phase of the project addressed the three Rotary focus areas : basic education and literacy, environmental support, and water hygiene and sanitation. To boost basic education and literacy, we presented 150 pupils at Bufumira Primary School with school bags, textbooks, and other academic supplies. We planted fifty fruit trees on the school’s grounds in an effort to protect the environment. We feel that these trees will not only supply food but also shade for the pupils, thereby improving the study environment.

Welcome to Rotaract D9214

Rotaract is an organisation of young adults above the age of 18 who come together to develop their leadership and professional skills while using innovative solutions to solve the problems of the communities they live in and the world at large through their membership in Rotary International.

Members of the organisation are known as Rotaractors and they are organised in clubs that consist of 10 or more members with a leadership structure which has a president at the top changing every Rotary year [which runs from July 01 to June 30].

Rotaract has a motto “Self Development – Fellowship Through Service”. Rotaract has 5 goals for its existence and they are usually achieved by the Rotaractors in a sequential manner. The goals in order are;

1) To develop Professional and Leadership skills;

2) To emphasise respect for the rights of others and promote ethical standards and dignity of all useful occupations;

3) To provide opportunities for young people to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world;

4) To provide Opportunities for working in cooperation with sponsoring Rotary Clubs; and

5) To motivate young people for eventual membership in Rotary. Ultimately, the end result of one’s Rotaract Membership is the eventual membership in Rotary where professionalism and leadership are further bettered.

Rotaract in Rotary International District 9214 is made up of over 84 clubs with over 1500 members from the whole of Tanzania and part of Uganda, hence the name RID 9214 Tanzania & Uganda.
Rotaract Clubs have traditionally been started and hence sponsored by Rotary Clubs [which usually have the older generation of members], and many Rotary Clubs in a given geographical area are organised into Rotary International Districts (like District 9214 Tanzania & Uganda)

The membership of Rotaract in District 9214 is rather diverse with an almost equal ratio of male to female; we have diversity in professions from teachers, engineers, medical workers, IT specialists, entrepreneurs, students and what have you. The ages of Rotaractors are also rather uniformly represented, with Students ranging from 18 to 23 years while the young professionals ranging from 22 years onwards.